20 Dog Fails That Will Make You Laugh More Than You Should

Dogs are little furry balls of positive energy that instantly brighten up our days. Whenever they fail at something, they still manage to stay adorable and to keep things cool. No matter what kind of mishap they get into, they always make us smile or even tear up out of giddy laughter. It seems dogs along with other pets have their own special way of showing us how much they care for us to stay happy, despite the crazy world outside.
Scroll on to see 20 pictures of dog fails that will make you laugh more than you should.
(h/t: boredpanda)

1. Is this where the head goes?

2. I’m just showin’ off my wacky face

3. somebody, please help

4. how do i get down from here

5. it’s all about the pose

6. it wasn’t me

7. getting into every last bit

8. this is not dog-friendly

9. just chillin’

10. definitely a bad idea

11. brace for impact

12. i’m not really into baths

13. rainbow-flavored wall

14. you forgot to say fetch

15. smells like freshly-mowed grass

16. rockin’ the toy i broke

17. where did she go?

18. just hanging around

19.likin’ my friendly neighbor

20. dog does best impression of owner